‘Rust’ Script Supervisor Sues Alec Baldwin Over Fatal Shooting

The screenplay supervisor on “Rust,” who was the first to phone 911 when cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was tragically shot on the set, is suing actor Alec Baldwin and the film’s producers, alleging that they deliberately ignored safety rules that may have avoided the disaster.

Mamie Mitchell, who was standing behind Hutchins when a bullet from Baldwin’s revolver injured her, is the latest member of the “Rust” team to sue the film’s production firm, Rust Movie Productions LLC, over the October 21 tragedy in New Mexico.

According to the lawsuit, Mitchell was standing less than four feet from Hutchins at the time the cinematographer was shot, and was “in the line of fire” when the gun went off.

Reading from a statement at a press conference in Los Angeles, Mitchell said she was using her iPhone to check the continuity of Baldwin’s costume in the church where they were preparing to rehearse a scene when she heard the explosion of the gun.

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