Scarlet Witch Rumored to Fight X-Men or Fantastic Four Character In Doctor Strange 2

The new trailer for the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie has started to thrill viewers unlike any comicbook trailer ever has. Breaking records.  So the movie’s tagline says that the feature promises a “insane multiverse-driven adventure” including adversaries from previous film series, as well as some other Spider-People.

However, without Doctor Strange, the movie would not be conceivable. Following his well-received debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his next feature film is appropriately titled “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

But there is another major MCU character that is starting to generate a lot of buzz. The Scarlet Witch. 

From thedirect.com:

Joining him in his next adventure is Wanda Maximoff, the powerful Scarlet Witch fans watched evolve thanks to her time on WandaVision . Where does she fit into the film though? It’s not known for sure, but something just came to light that suggests she will at the very least have one hell of a stand-out scene.

And if the hot scoopers are to be believed, that will involve Wanda in major fight scenes which could be on the same scale as the battles the Avengers had with Thanos!

And who would she be battling against?? Well, rumor has it, that it may involve a major X-Men or Fantastic Four character!

Read the entire article here: thedirect.com

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