Senior Comedian Cracks Up Crowd And Proves It´s Never Too Late

Andy Huggins, a senior, did not give up on his dream of becoming a comedian and took his comedic prowess to America´s Got Talent. Although old, his jokes were naughty and unhindered!

He dished about his sexual life, romance fantasies and perks of being an old person. His first joke went, ´´I reached my sexual peak 38 years ago. I´m down to one shade of grey, two if catch a nap in the afternoon.´´

He claims to still find sex exciting, except that he doesn´t know what´s going to happen first: an orga** or a foot cramp. While a lot of people in the audience have yet to reach his age, they did find his stories hilarious. After all, we are all getting there.

‘’There are advantages to being my age. People will stand and offer me their seat, which is great on the bus but a little creepy in the men’s room,’’ Andy continues.

Unfortunately for Andy, not everyone got his jokes. Judge Mel B was very vocal about not getting anything that he said, much to the surprise of the rest of the judges who thought they were pretty straight forward.

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