She Was Alone With Her Dogs Inside The Elevator Then His Leash Get’s Caught Inside!

This 25 year old woman from Toronto was with her Pit Bull and a friend’s Rottweiler in her building’s elevator, when a shocking and heart stopping incident happened. Although the video may be disturbing to watch for some, rest assured that the dogs were fine!

Good thing that the woman was so fast to take action. There should be no one to blame for this because sometimes incidents like this can happen and obviously out of her control.

The dog here named Vado got his leash caught in the elevator doors when they closed. His flailing body flies to the ceiling.  Panicked, she frantically pushes the emergency button but it only sounds an alarm and does not stopping the elevator clearly adding to her panic.

All she can do is support his weight until the leash finally snaps.  In the process she breaks a couple of fingers, and is clearly shaken up but thankfully in the end everyone was okay, including Vado.

The important thing is the dog is safe and she learned a lesson to be extra careful next time!  Something we can all learn from!

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