Before Assault Allegations, Jonathan Majors’ Mom Ordered Him To Follow “No drinking, no drugs, no s*x” Rule

Jonathan Majors, who played the renowned Kang the Conqueror in Marvel, is under fire for assault charges, and he is experiencing his own nightmares.

Just as his career is taking off, the actor is involved in a legal battle over allegations of domestic violence.

Yet, before all of that, Majors exuded success through hard work and commitment. He began taking projects while still a student at Yale School of Drama.

The 33-year-old actor continued to feature in films throughout the years, but it was his parts in Disney+’s Loki and Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III that catapulted him to prominence.

Jonathan Majors was already regarded as a celebrity before the charges surfaced. He has starred in two big series and has other projects coming up this year, proving that he has become one of the most in-demand performers of our day.

Majors revealed a peculiar habit involving something his mother told him while appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: he takes a cup everywhere he goes.

Majors told Colbert:

“I’ve been doing it since I left my mother’s house when I was around 18. She was so terrified of the circus that I’ve joined. My mum’s a pastor, and she was very clear about safety. She would say, ‘No drinking, no drugs, no sex’ every time I left the house.”

Majors claimed that he alternates between four cups, holding the counsel his mother taught him on his path to success:

“The drinking was a thing, and she’d always say, ‘So baby, watch your cup. Watch your glass.’ And I kept that in mind. It means mind your cup. You’re a vessel. Nobody can fill you up. Nobody can pour you out. You do that yourself.”

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