This Controversial TikTok Face Filter Is Getting Out of Hand

Technical breakthroughs in the area of filters have gotten so sophisticated that they can mislead practically anyone, much like the television show “Catfish.”

And, unfortunately, they may persuade us that this is how we should appear.

A new TikTok filter dubbed “Bold Glamour” has gone viral this week, and it’s the most futuristic and lifelike one we’ve seen.

It also raises fundamental questions regarding beauty standards. Its artificial intelligence determines what changes to make to each person’s face based on what it “thinks” you require. Talk about shattered self-esteem.

From newbeautiy.com:

Why It’s Controversial?
On February 26, @Memo Akten took to Twitter to share his sentiments about TikTok’s new Bold Glamour filter, alongside a TikTok video demonstrating its effects. “I don’t wanna be known as the tiktok filter guy, but ICYMI after attacking GenX w teenage filter, tiktok just dropped a new filter to take out Millennials & GenZ,” he writes. “‘Beauty filters’ are not new, but the precision on this is beyond uncanny. This is psychological warfare & pure evil.”

The woman in his attached video, @zoe_george_, calls the filter “perfect” and rubs her hand over her eyes as she looks amazed at how it doesn’t “glitch.” Remember filters of the past (or even just a few months ago) where you’d rub your hand over your eye and the virtual lashes would “come off” and be on your hand rather than your eye? Not with this one. “It’s just scary,” she says, “because there’s a lot of girls out there that don’t realize when someone’s got a filter on and they’re chasing perfection because they think that’s what everybody looks like. And this is not what people look like. This is very scary.”

Check out the video below that goes into this scary craze.

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