Singer’s Voice At Audition Is So Emotional – Left Simon In Tears

On talent shows like The X-Factor, you see and hear hundreds if not thousands of talented people. It’s pretty hard to stand out in a crowd like that, but if you do you know it’s because you’ve got something extra special. This singer definitely has that, with a voice so emotional it left Simon in tears at his audition.

This soulful singer’s name is Josh Daniels, and he took the world by storm when he decided to sing his rendition of Labrinth’s song Jealous. The song alone is emotional, but Daniels’ cover will have you choking back tears of your own.

Can you imagine just going on a show that heirs to millions of people to put your heart, and your talent, out there? The thought alone would give most people a small heart attack! If you think that’s bad, try being last to audition, after droves of other talented people.

Talk about bravery. Daniel’s put himself out there in more ways than just singing. The song he chose has intense meaning for him. He explained to the judges that he’d had a best friend that he was inseparable from. Though he doesn’t tell how it happened, everyone felt the weight of his words when he said he lost him.

Daniels chose to sing the song as a tribute to his friend, but nobody was expecting to hear what came next! Read on to see this performance and why Simon had to hold interviews just to explain his reaction!

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