Singing Dad’s Impressive Pipes Goes Viral

It seems the popularity of his video has sparked a new career path for Jones. Or, perhaps rekindled a smoldering flame. Jones has tried his hand at singing professionally before, but it didn’t go so well.

When American Idol came to Dallas, he tried to audition but was turned away because he was only 5 months too old to try out. When The Voice came to Dallas he gave it another shot. In an interview on The Ellen Show, Jones describes being the last group to be seen out of thousands, being rejected after only seven words of his song.

My, my how the tables turn! Now Jones is an internet sensation, The Voice is eating humble pie! After his Tennessee Whiskey cover reached over 25 million hits in less than 10 days, The Voice called Jones and asked him to be on next season’s show.

Watch the video below to hear what millions of people can’t seem to get enough of!

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source: YouTube


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