Single Mom Bungles Audition, Then Simon Gives Her Another Chance!

Few things are more enticing in this world than the idea of following your dreams. Unfortunately, there are also few things scarier than this, and for a singer, going A-Capella is the most frightening thing you can do. Bent on pursuing her dream career, that is exactly what this single mom did!

In her audition for The X-Factor, Denise Weeks decides to take the leap she’s been avoiding for decades! She opens the audition with the Whitney Houston cover of George Benson’s The Greatest Love of All, doing a fair job. Until Simon throws a hand up after a few seconds, and she’s left fighting back tears.

Rather than just telling her to hit the road, Simon took notice of her potential and asked her to sing A-Capella so her emotion could come through. Boy, did he really pop a lid there! Denise immediately gathered herself together to give the power ballad another shot.

Little did Simon know, he unleashed a vocal beast in the 41 year old singer. Drawing on inspiration from her life of hard work and precious memories, Denise reaches into her own depths and pulls off a performance that would have had Whitney herself in tears!

It’s rare that someone so humble can throw their head back and let the world hear the yearning in their soul. It’ll send chills down your spine when you hear her meet Simon’s demand with strength and grace! Read on to catch this epic moment!

Read on below to watch this amazing performance!

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