Spider-Man: No Way Home Run Time Now Revealed To Be Even Longer Than Expected

The run length of Spider-Man: No Way Home will now be significantly longer than predicted. According to Ingress, the movie was scheduled to be 150 minutes long, but that has now been increased to 159 minutes. 

That may not seem like a lot, but we’re talking about more than two hours of film here. It’s no secret that No Way Home is jam-packed with multiversal setup. As a result of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the whole world is aware of Peter Parker’s secret identity.

So he’s asked Doctor Strange to assist him in making things right. Fans speculate that dealing with the scenario may need the assistance of some prior Spider-Men as well as a slew of multiversal villains.

As the movie gets closer and closer, the excitement simply keeps increasing into infinity. Audiences are still unsure what to make of all of this, as whispers circulate about what may be lying in that extended duration. One thing is for sure, with this next Spider-man movie Sony &  Marvel are truly swinging for the fences. That implies they’ll take as much time as they need.


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