Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Teases Electro and Green Goblin

WARNING! If you haven’t watched the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, this will reveal and SPOIL some important details in it! So If you don’t want spoilers, go ahead and check out that trailer here first!

The trailer follows Peter Parker as he struggles with the consequences of his true identity being exposed. Mysterio terminated his reign by revealing his true identity to the world, and it seems Spider-Man is eager to put things right. 

To do this, Peter contacts Doctor Strange to request for his help in concealing his real identity from the rest of the world. Things go awry when Peter interrupts Doctor Strange’s spell to repair things, and the multiverse enters the fray.

Fans are teased with the advent of many new villains to the MCU as the reel progresses. A lot of yellow lightning is featured in trailer excerpts, which is an obvious connection to Electro.

The trailer’s closing scenes, of course, are an obvious transition to Doctor Octopus. The final touch, of course, is a reference to Green Goblin.

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