Kathleen Kennedy’s New 3-Year Contract With Lucasfilm Has Caused Major Backlash

Kathleen Kennedy was formerly one of Hollywood’s most successful producers. She has collaborated with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, and many others over the course of over four decades. However, her legacy has suffered in recent years as a result of her dubious leadership as CEO of Lucasfilm.

Despite being believed to be a decent option at the time, her multiple bad financial choices and dubious artistic inclinations have led many to believe that her time at Lucasfilm is coming to an end. Not just from fans, but also from the mainstream media and Disney stockholders, she is being chastised. Unfortunately, her contract seems to have been renewed.

According to reports, Kathleen Kennedy’s contract was supposed to expire at the end of this past October, but there was no notice of her “stepping down.” She is still named as the studio’s president on the Lucasfilm website. Despite investor calls for Disney CEO Bob Chapek to replace her, her tenure has been extended until 2024, according to reports. This provides her ample time to complete the fifth Indiana Jones film.

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