Star Wars: The Mandalorian New Season 2 Trailer Released!

The Wait for the next episodes of Star Wars: Mandalorian is almost over! for what seems like an eternity, The Mandalorian’s much awaited second season is finally making its way to Disney+.

The first new episode of The Mandalorian since December arrives on October 30th, and Lucasfilm has provided very little details or video to fans of the series until its premiere. Luckily, everything changed on tonight with the unveiling of the new teaser for Season 2.

Disney and Lucasfilm announced over the weekend that the trailer for The Mandalorian Season 2 would air during ESPN’s Monday Night Football game between the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys. As promised, the trailer arrived, offering up brand new footage from the all-new season. You can watch the trailer in the video above!

Of course, as has become custom with virtually anything Star Wars-related, the trailer doesn’t offer any firm details about the story of Season 2. The first installment of The Mandalorian was filled with secrets that were somehow kept until the show was released, much to the surprise of many fans. It seems as though Season 2 will have just as many twists and turns in store.

You can check out the official synopsis for The Mandalorian Season 2 below.

Source Credit: comicbook.com

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