Stolen Dog With Epilepsy Returned To Owners 85 Miles From Home!

Since the first episodes of “Game of Thrones” aired the number of people wishing to own dogs that look similar to those in the show.  In turn this had lead to several dogs getting stolen as people see them as a status symbol.

But not all those that have been as lucky as this dog has been and returned to its owners.

A stolen dog suffering from epilepsy was found recently after the thieves dumped him in woods about 85 miles from where he lived.

They did so because it is believed that during the time they had him in their possession he suffered an epileptic seizure.

Ziggy an Anglo wolf dog requires medication on a daily basis so that his condition can be kept under control.  When he was stolen from his owners home the previous Friday of course the thieves failed to take his medication with them.

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