Stuttering Man Takes Stage, Brings House Down When He Flawlessly Sings ‘You Raise Me Up’

A duet by Harrison Craig and Tim Moxley during The Voice: Australia has left people speechless. All of the judges and the entire audience in the room gave the two men a standing ovation.

The two performed the song ‘You Raise Me Up’ and it’s not just their incredible voices that won the judges over. It was the fact that Harrison has a bad stutter when he speaks; but when he sings? It completely goes away.

Harrison has been passionate about music for a very long time. When his mother realized that singing and performing makes his stutter go away — she encouraged him to pursue it by taking lessons.

Before long, Harrison had joined a choir and his life had changed completely. Soon, he found himself performing on The Voice. It was during this ‘battle round,’ singing the Josh Groban song with Tim, that he truly shines.

There was no doubt that everyone in the room, including the judges, thought that the performance was spectacular. Both of the talented men hit every single note perfectly; they were clearly professionals.

It’s a performance that can’t be missed — music is absolutely amazing. It heals and calms the brain. 

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