Parents Are Outraged, Complain Michelangelo’s David is ‘Pornographic’

A Tallahassee charter school administrator was forced to quit after parents complained about a sixth grade art history class, alleging Michelangelo’s figure of David, possibly the most renowned sculpture in the world, was “pornographic.”

Hope Carrasquilla was fired this week from Tallahassee Classical School after three parents complained about the curriculum.

Two stated they wished they’d been made aware that youngsters were being shown photographs of the artwork first, and one said it was ‘pornographic’.

The photographs, they said, ‘upset’ their youngsters.

Carrasquilla told The Tallahassee Democrat that her brief stay at the institution left her “saddened.” She had only been in her current work for a year.

The event adds another source of controversy to the current debate over America’s schools.

On the one hand, public schools in Democratic areas are under fire for implementing liberal curricula without parental agreement and campaigning for progressive policy reforms for transgender students.

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