Teacher Turned OnlyFans Model Praised by Teachers After Becoming Millionaire

Courtney Tillia is receiving a lot of love and motivating other teachers after quitting teaching and becoming a billionaire as an OnlyFans model.

Courtney told TMZ that she has gotten a flood of supporting letters from instructors after TMZ reported she amassed over $1 million in OnlyFans accounts in little over three years.

Teacher-Turned-OnlyFans Model Praised by Teachers After Becoming Millionaire
Image Credit: TMZ

Everyone is aware that teachers are badly underpaid, thus she’s certainly attracting the attention of her former colleagues, many of whom are financially hurting.

She’s received DMs from people who say they’re thinking about leaving teaching. This isn’t always a good thing for society, but it’s a reality until instructors are paid more.

Courtney’s husband is not only supportive of her move to OnlyFans … he’s the one who started taking pics to post and he’s still in the mix. Oh, yeah, he also likes the money!!!

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