Teen Is About To Sing, Then Sees His Dad Who Surprises Him In The Audience

Reuben Gray was ecstatic when he received word that he’d made it onto Britain’s Got Talent. At just 16-years-old, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. However, the teen also received bad news — his dad, his biggest fan, couldn’t come to watch.

Reuben was excited and nervous to show off his talent and skills to the world but it just wouldn’t be the same without his dad cheering him on in the crowd. Of course, the talented teen was determined to make his dad proud.

When Reuben stepped on the stage, he announced that he was going to perform an original composition, a song titled “Lifeline.” He had been practicing this song for months, but he still felt like something was missing.

Reuben told the judges and the crowd that he was going to call his dad as soon as the performance was finished. It was the closest thing to having his dad in the room there watching.

Right when Reuben sits down to start playing the piano, Simon Cowell asked him a question that would lead to one of the biggest surprises of Reuben’s life. Despite Simon having a reputation for being a bit hard-headed, he was going to prove to be a bit of a softie.

As it turns out, Simon had been planning this surprise for Reuben for a while. You’re going to want to watch this for yourself.

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