Teen with Special Needs Is Missing, Parents Fear She Was Lured

Kaylee Jones, 16, said farewell to her parents in Carrollton, Georgia, two weeks ago. She was gone the next morning, June 15th.

Authorities and the girl’s parents are concerned that Kaylee, who has autism and other special needs and requires special medicine, may have been enticed away by someone she met online who is involved in human trafficking.

Kaylee is not thought to have a phone or a car with her, according to authorities. She stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 135 pounds.

“Investigators have been working diligently around the clock on this case, they have been reviewing data collected from Kaylee’s electronic devices and have been in contact with those she last had contact with on those devices.” the Carrollton County Sheriff said in a press release.

“Mom also thinks she may have a book bag with her, Dark blue with a horse on the front. It possibly has the word ‘Mazi’ or ‘Kaylee’ on it and she may be wearing black tennis shoes or converse.” the Sheriff’s office added in their statement to the press.

In an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta, Daniel and Brenda Jones say that they are worried about their daughter’s safety.

“It’s horrible. We’re worried. Scared about where she might be,” Brenda Jones tells the station. “She’s very loving, very kind, and overly sensitive.”

Brenda claims “[Kaylee] was groomed online,” and that she and Daniel “think she’s a victim of sex trafficking.”

“She’s susceptible, kind of naive to this stuff,” Daniel adds..

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