Terrified Dog Set To Be Put Down: Watch The Incredible Reaction When She Realizes She’s Saved

Unfortunately, many dogs entering animal shelters are emaciated and underweight. It breaks my heart to witness animals laboring to the point that they are virtually unable to stand.

Despite their maltreatment, some animals stay friendly and trusting of people, while others flee in terror when a rescuer approaches. What the latter have been through is often unbearable to contemplate.

Frankly, I cannot comprehend wanting to harm an animal. Additionally, I don’t see why somebody would find any joy in doing so.

That being said, I believe dogs have a sixth instinct when it comes to determining which humans are trustworthy and which are not.

People who work with animals realize the significance of allowing a neglected creature to make the first step. Of course, it’s natural to want to touch and play with a dog to demonstrate your good intentions, but this isn’t always the ideal option.

Some people can’t believe that a dog that has been abused might be caught off guard by a complete stranger.

Edie, an abandoned mixed-breed dog, was only hours away from being put down. She was scared of people, and it had been a long time since anybody had cared for her. Her fur was a tangle, and she was severely emaciated.

Giving Edie a second chance required a real animal lover.

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