Terrified Woman Finds Huge Spider Hiding In Her Car Door Handle

Christine Jones, from New South Wales, made the discovery just moments before she opened the door, narrowly missing a close encounter with the hairy arachnid.

In a post to an Australian Spider Identification Page on Facebook, Jones said she thought it was ‘hairy caterpillars at first’, adding that the incident had left her so scared she has not driven for a week.

‘Did you touch it or see it first?’ one user said, to which she replied, ‘Saw it at last moment.’

This is the type of spider that was inside her car door:

Huntsman spider
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

One person in the comments of Facebook post, expressed there own experience with a terrifiying spider: ‘I went to get the groceries out the back of my car today and there was one hiding where the door fits into the frame. I promptly closed it and went around the other side.’

Photo Credit: Laree Clarke/Facebook

And here is another one someone posted about. WOW!

Photo Credit: Lauren Ansell Facebook

So Here is the actual post she posted showing the spider inside the door handle! YIKES!

Photo Credit: Christine Jones/Facebook
Photo Credit: Christine Jones/Facebook

Read the entire article here: www.unilad.co.uk

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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