Walmart Employee Quits Job In Sensational Fashion With Scathing Announcement Over PA System

A Walmart in Texas was down one of it’s workers this weekend when a woman quit — in stunning fashion.

Shana Ragland expressed her resignation on TikTok and indeed to the whole store in Lubbock Texas — when she let her coworkers know how she felt about them via the PA system.

“Attention all Walmart shoppers, associates, and managers,” she announced in the self-shot video. “My name is Shana from Cap 2, and I just want to come on here and say Henry is a racist, stinky *****.” she said.

“Giovanna is racist. Elias is a ***** of a manager. This company fires Black associates for no reason. This company treats their employees like ****, especially Cap 2.” she said.

See her shocking rant below.


And here is the video of me quitting my toxic, sexist, racist workplace. #walmartchallenge #fyp #viral #walmart #walmarthaul #walmartfindspart1

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Within 24 hours of uploading on TikTok, the cathartic video was watched 3.7 million times.

And for anyone suspicious the clip may have been faked, Shana also re-shared a video a customer posted from inside the store as her voice scorched the earth from the address system, with a number of her (presumably unnamed) colleagues doubling over with laughter.


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