The Baby Yoda Waffle Maker is Definitely ‘The Way’

This has got to be the coolest news we have shared all week. Star Wars fans who have been desperately waiting for new merchandise to arrive due to Disney choosing to delay merch roll out in order to keep the show a secret are finally going to get what they have been waiting for!

We have seen different types of Baby Yoda merchandise and toys from plush toys to LEGO sets to Funko Pops. But I think we have found the ultimate Baby Yoda product.

Yes that’s right folks…a Baby Yoda Waffle Maker!

As you saw in the photo, this waffle maker will make your favorite waffles, but this time…they will be so much more adorable with a Baby Yoda The Mandalorian design imprinted on them!

In fact, the product description notes that the waffle maker can also be used to make eggs, brownies, cakes, quesadillas or pressed sandwiches with Baby Yoda style. This is the way.

SO…the million dollar question…WHERE can I purchase one of these right??

Well…looks like GameStop is taking preorders. Check out the info below!

I have spoken…

Source Credit: comicbook.com

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