The Batman 2 Confirmed: Robert Pattinson & Director To Return

Warner Bros. has given the go light to Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2. DC’s Caped Crusader has had several portrayals on both the big and small screens, with the most recent one making quite an impact earlier this year.

After a few Covid-related delays, The Batman released in March and garnered the greatest box office opening of 2022 thus far, with $134 million domestically; to far, it has grossed $758 million globally.

Furthermore, The Batman received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both fans and reviewers, with many complimenting Reeves’ dark take on Gotham City and Robert Pattison’s portrayal as a more troubled Bruce Wayne.

Even before The Batman premiered, there was much talk of potential follow-ups. Both Reeves and Pattinson shared their interest in making a sequel, and Pattison has confirmed he’s mapped out an arc for his Bruce to explore in future films. The Batman itself even seemed to pave the way for a sequel by introducing Barry Keoghan as infamous villain the Joker. However, up until now, WB has stayed quiet on forthcoming installments.

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