THE BATMAN Movie (2021) Teaser Trailer

This is a Teaser Trailer CONCEPT for the upcoming announced Matt Reeves directed ‘The Batman’ movie starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

This teaser trailer concept was done by the great Youtube channel: Smaher. They do amazing work with trailer concept videos and this one was no exception. Well done guys!

The Batman Movie: First Look at The New Batmobile Revealed!

Boy do we have some great news for you today! As you know the new upcoming Batman movie is fast approaching and we know of course that Robert Pattinson will be playing Batman.

We already posted news about the new bat suit and some exclusive photos showing close ups of the suit, etc. Some were not loving it but others thought it looked great.

I know for Robert Pattinson himself…he has been working his butt of to get in the best physical shape of his life and we can see the results from photos of his new Batman body. It’s very impressive and shows how serious he is taking this role.

I love how director Matt Reeves is doing all these reveals. He is slowing dripping hot news about every aspect of this movie. Slowly building great anticipatoin for what’s to come.

I for one love that Matt Reeves is taking the director’s chair on this movie. I have loved his past movies and think he will knock this Batman movie out of the park.

Well…speaking of Batman…Matt Reeves just posted new photos of the new Batmobile.

Read On to check it out!

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