The Batman Part II To Include Surprising DC Villain

DC Studios is hard at work on their forthcoming film slate, which will reset the universe that began with Man of Steel, but they are also building their DC Elseworlds project slate.

Among these projects are The Penguin series, which is now filming for an HBO Max release, Joker: Folie a Deux, which is also currently filming, and The Batman Part II, which is in production.

Director Matt Reeves and writer Mattson Tomlin are now working on Batman Part Two, which appears to involve a key villain from the Batman mythology.

According to Deadline, Clayface may or may not appear in the sequel, although he is presently in a draft for The Batman Part II.

“That said, other sources are telling us that scripts are constantly changing, and that Clayface is a big addition to Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2,” the trade wrote. “Let’s wait until the dust settles here and something moves forward. It remains to be seen whether Clayface is a connection between The Batman 2 elseworld and [James] Gunn and [Peter] Safran’s feature and series sprawling DC’s Gods and Monsters – Chapter One.”

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