The Flash Movie Villain’s Identity Might Have Finally Been Revealed!

By Jaxson Burch

Details pertaining to the upcoming DC film, The Flash, have been coming in waves and a new round of potential news has many fans of DC and the Flash character excited and some not so much. According to a new report from the Direct, the main villain of the upcoming Flash film featuring Ezra Miller will be a much darker and evil version of Barry Allen.

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This is not to be confused with the Reverse Flash or Eobard Thawne, which some of you may be familiar with if you have seen the popular CW Flash show. Many people suspected a twist of this sort when earlier set photos were leaked of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen on set with what seemed to be a doppelganger. With this news we can theorize that perhaps that was the evil Barry in his own attire.

Beyond the dark twist to an already familiar story, this Flash movie has the potential to reenergize the DC fanbase. Yes, the Snyder Cut was great and we all wish WB would just continue with Snyder’s vision, however that ship has sailed and with the somewhat disappointing financial success of the recent Suicide Squad, WB is no doubt looking for a homerun in the box office department.

With the inclusion of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl making her debut and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne from another Earth presumably, as well as Ben Affleck donning the cowl once more, and even Ezra Miller, of whom we’ve only seen as the Flash in one DC film to date, it is shaping up to be one of the more gargantuan comic book projects releasing in the next few years.

As of yet these details are still unofficial and even with all the evidence supporting these details, the fact remains that they could still be proved false. In order to truly know who the real villain is, we will just have to wait for WB to confirm it or for the first trailer to drop, however with the film slated for a November 4th, 2022 release , I wouldn’t expect to see any major footage released anytime soon.

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