WATCH The Moment Amber Heard Knew She F**ked Up Her Trial

To those who have inquired about why the Kate Moss reference is such a big deal, here is why:

Kate Moss was nominated as a character witness for JD, however, she was prevented from testifying since previous relationships were ruled irrelevant to the case (restricted to just the parties: JD & AH).

However, because Amber Heard referenced her during the trial and raised the possibility of JD pushing Kate Moss down the stairs, Johnny’s team can now summon Kate Moss to the stand as a rebuttal witness.

Kate Moss is a Johnny Depp fan, and she has never reported any such occurrence of abuse; it is an alledged fabrication of Amber Heard’s imagination.

Kate Moss will almost certainly testify that Johnny was never abusive, violent, or pushed her down the stairs.

Because she brought up one of Johnny Depp’s previous relationships, this may (though it remains to be seen) bring up the line of questioning into Amber Heard’s earlier relationships – where she actually has an alleged arrest record for domestic violence against her former wife/girlfriend…alledgedly.

Although we, the public, have wider access to this material, the jury does not, because some of it is detrimental or irrelevant “to the parties.”

So, in essence, Amber’s bombastic way of expressing things may have just backfired big time. It’s just another self-inflicted wound, that many have noticed during this trial.

She might have just walked away with $7 million – after 15 months of marriage, mind you, and with her public persona intact, but Amber wasn’t content, and seemingly wanted to push things further.

Now, she may indeed pay dearly for her actions.

Check out the video below where it shows the very moment where she probably realized she really messed up.

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