The New Fitness Phenomena – The Broga for a Fit Body!

Granted that most Saturdays in the fall are dedicated to apple picking, day hikes and morning jogs, there’s something that has been making rounds in the fitness world. I’m assuming this new phenomenon is inspired by How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) – the Broga or ‘bro-yoga’ is a brand new hit intensity yoga class that provides the necessary meditation techniques for mountain climbers along with OMs for multitude of push-ups. Although the class incorporates many of the classic yoga poses, this isn’t your regular Vinyasa flow – it is much more challenging and much, much more fun!

Offered in selected fitness studios, the Broga is a game-changing, rules-smashing blend of the popular yoga style Vinyasa, body-weight based functional movements as well as high intensity interval training. So if you’re looking for results that will blow your mind (and melt your fats) the Broga will offer you benefits beyond that of a regular yoga class. According to fitness experts, the Broga is for those who can’t see (or touch) their toes, but want to train like professional athletes. The Broga begins with upper back mobility and spinal rotation – but don’t confuse this with a boot-camp class! The Broga is sprinkled with lots of other classic yoga poses, but gives you the workout of a lifetime. So if you’re looking for enormous amount of sweat-inducing cardio, the Broga is the way to go!

All high intensity intervals are followed by balancing yoga poses, an avid yoga lover would note that this is much different from a traditional yoga flow class. A standard Broga class runs for 75 minutes incorporating like a hundred push-ups, hours of planks, hip stretches and finally a corpse pose. If this yoga, sorry, Broga routine won’t relax your mind and race your heart, nothing will! So if you’re looking for a challenging workout and you absolutely love yoga, get the Broga. Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength or increase flexibility, the Broga has it all laid out for you!

Photo Credit: newsfeed.time.com

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