The REAL meaning behind Avengers Endgame’s “I love you 3000” will ruin you

Right after the release of Avengers Endgame, the internet was a buzz and sobbing, falling in love, and repeating the line “I love you 3000.” over and over again, which involves Tony Stark and his adorable little daughter Morgan Stark.

For months after the film was released, viewers were trying to find out the sense of the term and a number of them were looking at the runtime of all the Marvel movies in the MCU. But that wasn’t it.

The real meaning behind the now famous line will break your heart even more than it did before. Similar to what Tom Holland did in Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame’s most famous line wasn’t even scripted. It was suggested by Robert Downey Jr. himself.

In the scene, which you’ll have no doubt seen by now, Tony Stark puts his daughter Morgan (Lexi Rabe) to bed. Just before he closes the door, he says “I love you tons,” and Morgan replies, “I love you 3000.” The line is also spoken again, by Tony’s hologram to Morgan at his funeral.

Within days of release, the quote became an immediate fan favourite moment and sort of became the MCU fandom’s mantra. The stars of the film even began hash-tagging it as a way of thanking their fans and saying goodbye to the end of the chapter.

From popbuzz.com:

Several explanations for the line began to spread, with some people believing it was a kid genius reply and others thinking it was a reference to Tony’s original comment of 2000 pounds and 3000 pounds. There were many who felt the number 3000 was a nod to the volume of all movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


From popbuzz.com:

can you believe the “i love you 3,000” line that people have been saying non stop since endgame came out was actually brought to the movie because of rdj? his children actually say that to him irl and it just makes the line even more meaningful than before

— ⎊ saw endgame (@starkrevenge) May 2, 2019

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