The Witcher Report Reveals Why Henry Cavill Quit the Show

Fans of The Witcher were shocked over the weekend when Netflix announced that Henry Cavill, who portrays protagonist Geralt of Rivia in the program, will be quitting the role after Season 3, which is due to release next summer.

Along with the announcement, Netflix stated that fellow Hollywood star Liam Hemsworth will take Cavill’s place. As you can think, the unexpected and stunning statement left many fans in a state of shock, ranging from perplexed to outraged to heartbroken.

After a few days, there has still been no official statement on why Cavill is departing, but a fresh story claims to have the specifics.

According to a new story from Deadline, the reason for Cavill’s leaving isn’t very interesting.

According to unnamed people acquainted with the situation, Cavill decided it was time to leave the project after previously signing a short-term arrangement with Netflix for its production.

Furthermore, the show had an extremely tight production schedule that required worldwide travel.

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