Their Autistic Son Needed Help – So They Sent Him To Meet A Murderer In Jail

This family found hope where you least expect it. A family with an autistic son – so desperate to help their son – would try anything. So they turned to a prisoner.

This prisoner is trying to make the most of his life – a second chance of sorts – by helping others. But first – the backstory.

The prisoner, named Chris, was sentenced to 48 years in prison back in 1998. The charge was for helping murder a man.

He knows he is guilty – and wants to make a change in life. So he decided he needed to help people.

For years – a prison program has allowed prisoners to train service dogs. It helps the dogs become service dogs – and the prisoners learn compassion, dedication and discipline.

You have to see how Chris changed a little boy’s life for the better. It’s truly a beautiful story of not judging books by their cover.

Read On to see this meetup. Wow.


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