Joe Biden’s Proud Son Joins Him On Stage After His Historic Victory Speech

From Dailymail.co.uk:

Joe Biden ‘s controversial son Hunter was by his side on Saturday night as the president-elect thanked America for sending him back to the White House .

Hunter, 50, appeared on stage after his father finished speaking, carrying his seven-month-old son, reportedly named Beau, after his late brother.

He was accompanied by his South African-born wife Melissa, 34, who he married in May 2019 – six days after they met.

Hunter’s presence on stage caused surprise: the businessman has not been seen in public in months, and has been lying low amid a frenzy of speculation about his business dealings.

He was seen in June with Melissa, taking their son on a hike in the hills surrounding Los Angeles, where they live. In August he appeared via videolink at the DNC. But he has deliberately avoided the spotlight during the campaign.

Here is a hilarious video clip that was created showing Biden as a superhero. Check it out below:


It was really nice to see Joe invite his son up on stage with him. I know that must have meant the world to Joe…

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