This Cat Thinks She’s A Rottweiler. Watch Her Amazing Tricks

It’s pretty typical for a dog to learn a command or two but having a cat there to take lessons with them is pretty priceless. And what’s awesome is that the cat is just as good as the dogs in taking commands.

A cat think he’s no different from his Rottweiler brothers and rolls over on command too when dad tells him so. The setting is cute for three reasons: 1. Because the cat and the two dogs get along so well; 2. this cat thinks he’s a dog; and 3. he’s not as independent as a cat should be.

This goes to show that cats and dogs (even Rottweilers) can get along just fine with proper introduction and training. It’s really awesome to watch!

In the video, dad first told one of the Rotties to roll over and he did. Then he commanded the second Rottie to roll over and he did so too.

Read On to watch this cat do tricks with his Rottweiler siblings! Cat on the outside, dog on the inside!

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