This Mother & Pup Reunion Is The Best Thing You Will See All Day

They spent time together by enjoying the empty meadows around them. Running free and wild, side by side. Nothing was more important to them than trying to make up for their time apart.

In the end, they both hopped in the minivan with their respective families and drove off to their homes. This day will always remain in their memories as well as the assurance of more to come.

Source: Dog meets her mom for first time since puppy-hood! by JarretR on Rumble

Puppies, even when they are separated from their mothers for different reasons, will always remember where they come from. Harper and her mom will always continue to cherish their love and relationship.

Source: https://rumble.com/v2znik-dog-meets-her-mom-for-first-time-since-puppy-hood-2.HTML

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