Thousands of workers are getting fired for refusing the vaccine

Employers around the country are terminating employees for refusing to comply with vaccine demands. Some people are choosing to resign from their positions rather than face the risk.

These employees make up a minuscule percentage of total employees, often not even 1% in some businesses. However, in many states, it can amount to thousands of individuals.

According to Washington state, approximately 1,900 public employees, including the head football coach at Washington State University, have left or been dismissed as a result of their refusal to receive the vaccination. In Michigan, 400 employees of the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit walked off the job. Novant Health, situated in North Carolina, laid off around 175 people. The list goes on and on.

From npr.org:

Their resistance has stirred great condemnation and controversy. Many view unvaccinated workers as a potential risk to the workplace. And overwhelmingly, workers have accepted and even embraced the science showing vaccines protect not only you but those around you.

The vast majority of Americans have complied with vaccine mandates. But for the vaccine holdouts, walking away from a job comes at a cost, one that’s bigger for some than others.

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