Three brothers make plea to be adopted together so they can remain a family

All youngsters want long for their parents’ affection and attention.

These children are unable to face the world on their own. They require a home and a family to care for them and to feel loved.

Unfortunately, many children are placed in orphanages and foster families. Each youngster hopes that one day they will be welcomed by a family.

Hannah Rucker of KVUE met three lovely boys called Aiden, William, and Marshall in Round Rock, Texas.

The three boys bear an unmistakable similarity. You’d assume they were triplets, yet Bobby is 11 years older than his brothers. Aiden and Marshall, twins, are ten years old.

The boys like playing, and when you see them, you will notice that they are vibrant, amusing, and cute.

Another charming tidbit about the three boys is that they adore “The Three Stooges,” and you guessed it, you’re correct. Larry, Moe, and Curly are their monikers.

They are not only brothers, but also great friends.

Even though the boys are continuously grinning and playing, there is a hint of melancholy in their eyes.

Source: Youtube Screenshot / Heart Gallery

Hannah scheduled a meeting with the foursome in Round Rock’s Gattitown. It is a location where children may enjoy limitless activities, a delicious buffet, and even a cinema theater.

Following their game, the three lads sat down with Hannah to relax.
Marshall, Bobby, and Aiden were asked by the TV journalist what they meant to each other.

“They mean love,” Aiden answered first.

“They mean friendship to me,” Marshall followed.

“They’re good Halloween candy-eating brothers. I had this whole bag of Halloween candy and almost all of it was gone. And so, I blamed them,” Bobby explained.

Aiden was courageous enough to discuss the actual situation. They are sick of life at The Ranch, according to the little child.

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