TikTok And WeChat to Be Banned in the US Starting Sunday

Believe it or not, that TikTok ban that President Trump has spent months talking about is actually happening this weekend. As of Sunday, both the TikTok and WeChat social media apps will become restricted across the United States. The President’s executive order will take effect on September 20th, which will essentially remove the apps from the various app stores, prohibiting their distribution. CNN reached out to Apple and Google about the upcoming issue, but neither responded for comment.

It’s important to remember that, just because the “ban” takes effect on Sunday, doesn’t mean that you will have to stop using TikTok entirely. If you have the app downloaded to your phone, they will still function normally, and there is no issue with using them as you have been. Folks just won’t be able to download the app once Sunday arrives, keeping the site from growing here in the US.

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