TikTok Mom Keeps Dog After It Mauled and Almost Killed Their Toddler

A TikTok parent is receiving heat after disclosing that she opted to retain her family dog after it bit her kid in the face.

The mother said that her daughter’s face was not sewed “tightly” owing to a suspected infection from the alleged incident three years ago, and she is now seeking funding to repair it.

“After 10 days of reflection, we came to the conclusion that we all made mistakes in this life …” the text says on a clip of her daughter with stitches on her face. “and forgave our boy…” she continued, referring to her dog.

After getting harsh feedback from viewers who criticized her decision to retain the animal, @klara_tsetkin, who previously went by the moniker @mia.dream.usa, published multiple follow-up videos.

Despite her allegation that her dog bit her child, she insists that her dog “never attacked” her daughter and responded in self-defense.

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