Todd McFarlane Reveals First Ever Spawn And Spider-Man Together Cover

I have to first admit that I’m a huge Spawn & Spider-man fan-boy.  In regards to Spawn…of all the lessor known (in comparison to the popular ones today), comic book characters out there Spawn is at the very top of my list in terms of what he brings to the table.

One of the things that is so fascinating to me about Spawn is…he not only has great superpowers, but the suit he wears takes things to an insane level.

With his suit possessing incredible abilities..which can sometimes act independently from Spawn himself..he can almost be considered invincible.Not to mention just the whole Al Simmons’ transformation into Spawn which very intriguing also. 

With Spider-man, well…I’m unlike most fan-boys in that he was my favorite superhero when I was a kid and still is. And I love what newer actors like Tom Holland have done with the character and can’t wait to see what they do in upcoming movies.

But another thing that has always intrigued me was the idea of  both Spawn and Spider-man meeting up somehow. Whether it be in a cameo in a movie or in a comic, etc.

Well, It would be an understatement to say that the recent news of Todd McFarlane’s First Ever Spawn & Spider-man cover together is existing news to me! This is awesome news.

Read on to check out the hot new cover!

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