Here’s The REAL Reason Why Tom Cruise Skipped The Oscars

The 2023 Academy Awards took place over the weekend, honoring the finest and brightest in the film business. While there were plenty of jokes about Will Smith and other celebrities in attendance, one notable absence was Tom Cruise.

While Top Gun: Maverick was nominated for several prizes, including Best Picture, its star actor and producer were not present on Oscar night. It was first stated that he was busy filming Mission: Impossible, but allegations regarding his absence, notably about ex Nicole Kidman, are circulating.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were a celebrity couple who married in 1990 and divorced in 2001.

Their romance ended decades ago, which is why the new New York Times story about the Oscars is causing such a stir.

According to this claim, he felt the need to physically remove himself from Kidman, missing the Academy Awards Ceremony entirely as a result. According to an unknown individual who spoke with the publication:

“Tom was not there because she was there, and he did not want a run-in”

While exes not wanting to see each other after a breakup makes sense, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have been married for decades.

The New York Post contacted both A-listers’ representatives, who have yet to reply to the report. Is this, however, true or simply a rumor? We’ll have to wait and see, because this isn’t the only hypothesis concerning Cruise’s disappearance circulating on the internet.

Here is a great video breakdown of why Tom Cruise didn’t show up for the Oscars and you can judge for yourselves:

Read the entire article here: www.cinemablend.com

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