Tom Sawyer Island Altercation Heard Across Magic Kingdom

A noisy, expletive argument reportedly took place this afternoon on Tom Sawyer Island in Magic Kingdom. Guests witnessed the altercation in the theme park from multiple places.

According to an update posted on the Facebook page of the Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Club, a noisy disturbance took place on Tom Sawyer Island in the middle of the Rivers of America, in Magic Kingdom Park near the Frontierland.

The Facebook post said that a male guest was heard shouting explosives again and again. Some guests noticed that a man’s voice was so loud that his graphic language was heard from many park attractions, including adventureland, Liberty Tree Tavern on Liberty Square, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and the Cafe on Frontierland.

From Insidethemagic.net:

Guests reported on social media that Cast Members gathered on the main land and waited for Magic Kingdom security to arrive on the scene. According to the original post on Facebook, Disney staff dealt with the situation as soon as possible.

At the time of this article’s publication, it is not known what happened to the Guest who was reportedly involved in the altercation. It also has not been reported whether the incident ever turned physical or if it was only a verbal dispute. One witness reported that the altercation at one point involved the male Guest “screaming in a woman’s face.”

Source Credit: insidethemagic.net

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