You only have 24 hours a day and you have your own health and life to look at too. When it comes to working parents, things get complicated. Here are the top 4 regrets almost every parent has – it’s inevitable, trust me!

Lauren Revell from Huggies Little Swimmers said, “Lots of parents have regrets because it’s very easy to look backwards. Things can seem simpler with hindsight, and it seems you definitely live and learn when you’re a parent. Lots of parents say they have done things differently with their second child than their first – nobody knows straight away how to be a parent, so these regrets with your first-born are understandable.”

Working Too Much

A lot of parents think that there were working too much instead of spending time with their little ones. This is especially true when children are too young to understand why we work in the first place. But when they become older, we start to realize and wish we had done things differently. But in today’s world, is this practical?

Not Playing With Them

A lot of parents regret that they’re not spending enough time with their children and they’re not playing with them no matter how many times their children request it. It’s not entirely your fault. Parents are parents, not playmates. Although it’s always good to spend time with your child, you can have a quiet time, reading time, talking time came out just recently. Nevertheless, it’s always best that children play with children their own age. For parents, playing becomes slightly difficult, though not impossible.

Being Too Overprotective

Some parents think that they were too protective with their children. Remember, as a parent you will only do what’s best for your child and if you think being over protective was best at that time, so be it. Maybe the environment wasn’t good, maybe peer it could be anything that may have forced you to become over-protective.

Spending Too Much Time Keeping The House Clean

Now here’s a problem women face. They like their place clean and so when kids mess it up, women take it as a challenge! Here’s the thing though, you don’t have to do it all alone. Ask your child to help out and that way you’ll both be doing something together!

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Article Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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