Top 5 Good Parenting Tips From Parents – "It's Not Easy, But It's Worth It!"

There may be people in your life telling you different. Being a good parent, really isn’t about only doing what you read, it’s about natural instincts, which naturally comes to you when you bring home your bundle of joy! Here are top 5 parenting tips from parents! 

As I mentioned earlier, there may be people in you life that question how you raise your children, either your discipline is too strict, or you’re too easy on your children. As a parent you will be bombarded with lots of criticism i.e. you’re not making her do the right activities, you’re not pushing her to be top in class. Sometimes when your children act up in the church or melt at the mall a thousand heads turn towards you, giving you the judgmental stare. Are you handling your children properly, are you causing your child to suffer? Are you paying attention to him/her? These are typical questions that we face on a daily basis. But you know what?

You are a good parent.

In fact, you’re a GREAT parent. And you know why?

  • You know your child better than anybody else,
  • You know what works for your child better than anybody else,
  • You know what your child can and can’t handle,
  • You know how to create the right environment so your child feels safe, secure and successful,
  • You always do what’s best for your child, without worrying about what others will think,
  • you will fight back if your child is harmed.

Isn’t that what a GREAT parent would do?

Here are parents facing similar situations and how they wish to handle the stress brought on by their children and the judgmental stares.

“Children love affection, so I make sure our days are filled with hugs, kisses and lots of cuddles! My little daughter also likes holding my hand, it makes her so happy when I ask her to hold my hand because I want to feel her warmth!” 

“When my child wants to show me something, I leave whatever I’m doing to go see what he wants to show me. My advice to other parents would be to do the same. It’s important the we pay attention to them and spend some time with children doing what they enjoy doing. It also makes them feel that they’re special because you left what you were doing to listen to them!”

“When my child does something I ask for immediately, I make sure that I praise her and thank her for doing what I asked for right away! She loves it, I love it and what’s important is that it teaches children to listen to their parents. If you do this, you will not have to worry about letting your child attend social gatherings. It made a lot of difference in my life.”

“Children will misbehave no matter what measures you take, so you must set realistic expectations. A lot of people tell me about how their children ‘never’ misbehaved, and it’s not true. Children will be children and they will misbehave so instead of being hard on yourself or your child, keep calm. Frustration and disappointment will not work, and they will stop misbehaving as they grow.”

“At least once a day, spend some time with your child and do what they enjoy doing. Take this time to tell them how much you love them and how you absolutely love when they listen and behave! Trust me, it works, you will become their best friend.”



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Article Source: Triple P

Photo Credit: www.telegraph.co.uk

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