Top 5 Unbroken World Records of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee. Need I say more? Almost everyone knows who he is, usually as the famous Kung Fu actor, and yet that was only one of many roles he filled. Born in Chinatown, San Francisco in 1940, then raised in Kowloon, Hong Kong with his family until he turned 18 and returned to the US, Lee grew up heavily influenced by multiple cultures. It was the combination of his experiences in Hong Kong and his familiarity with the film industry that led to the creation of this all-star talent.

Ask any guy, Bruce Lee is “The Man!” Standing at only 5’7″ and weighing 130 lbs, Lee broke the mold for the tough guy image. He might not have been big, but he didn’t have to be. He was fast, faster than anyone before or after him! Not only that, but he could hit with a force three times greater than his weight!

When you mix that type of force with that much speed, you get something unstoppable. More importantly, you get something unforgettable.

Here are 5 world records set by Lee that are still left unbroken.

5. Push ups- Bruce Lee has holds the world-record for push-ups, and not just one type. He could do 1,500 push ups without breaking on two hands, 400 push-ups with one hand, and 200 with two fingers. That’s nothing though, check out what he can do on one thumb!

4. Fastest Kick- Lee could perform a full kick six times per second! As if his speed weren’t enough, he kicked with intense force, once kicking a 300 lb punching bag one story into the air. Check out the video to see his speed kick in live action, then slowed down frame by frame. 

Is that not amazing?! There still hasn’t been anyone that can kick as quickly and accurately, or with as much force as he did! That in and of itself is impressive, but it just gets oh-so-much better.

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