Top 5 Unbroken World Records of Bruce Lee

With moves like his, it’s no wonder that Bruce Lee continues to be so influential, even today. There are countless videos of people trying to emulate Lee’s side-kicks, punches, and push-ups all over the world! Did you know he created his own martial art form?

Titled Jeet Kune Do (The Way of the Fist), Lee developed what he referred to as the “style with no stlye”. In 1967, Lee determined that traditional chines fighting styles were not practical enough to rely on in chaotic fighting situations, such as street fighting. At that time he opened his own institute to teach his students the new style where he emphasized “practicality, flexibility, speed, and efficiency.”

Bruce became quite the philosopher, incorporating his perceptions and beliefs into his new fighting style. As a result, he went on to become the most revered martial artist of all time. Continue scrolling to see the top 3 moments that highlight the evolution of his unique fighting skills.

3. One & Six Inch Punch- Bruce Lee had the punching force of 350 lbs. The only other person to have that was Muhammad Ali, but Lee was only half his weight! Watch as he performs these AWESOME short-distance punches. Be prepared to do a rewind on this one!

2. Nunchucks- You might be expecting the#2 video to be the infamous nunchuck ping-pong match. Sadly that video is not real. It was a commercial filmed for Nokia 30 years after his death. However, that doesn’t diminish the fact that he was deadly accurate with nunchucks, and could effectively use two at once. Oh, did I mention he had the hitting force of 1,600 pounds with them? Check out this nunchuck montage from a few of his films to check out these insane skills.

1. Skip Side Kick- Bruce developed this particular kick for his Jeet Kune Do courses. It was so strong that he once kicked a 200 lb man, causing him to fly 20 meters. That is 65 feet! In addition, he is the only person to kick a hundred pound sandbag and break it! Check out this crazy kick below!

With feats like these under his belt, it’s no wonder that Bruce Lee is hands down THE MAN! If you enjoyed reading this, please like and share on Facebook, and leave us a comment below!





source: YOUTUBE


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