Traffic Man Gives Report, Has Audience Dying Of Laughter When He Breaks Into Disney Parody

“The snow blows right on the roads overnight, not a lane strike to be seen.
A town with no transportation— and the info, comes from me.
Highways are crawling like some slow ants in a line.
They won’t all stay in, Heaven knows I tried…”

His self-made lyrics are perfect replacements for the Disney tune. It certainly perks up his listener’s ears and hopefully gets them to heed his advice.

“They can’t stay in, so they must see.
Be the traffic man you have to be.
The wheels, they squeal spinning the snow.
And now they know… Just don’t go.”

Watch and SHARE his hilarious report in the video below.

We hope more news reporters start getting inspired by Herzog’s antics!


Source: See It Live


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