Train Crashes Through Barrier and Lands on Giant Whale Sculpture

A train smashed through a fence at the Dutch station, crashing on a giant whale sculpture 25 ft in the air.

The runaway train crossed the buffer station at 12.30 am at De Akkers Metro Station in Spijkenisse Area. Instead of falling into the sea below, the front carriage ended up being stuck drastically in the air, pushed only by the silver cetacean.

When the event occurred, there were no people inside the train, and the train driver was unharmed, even though he was frightened.

From the dailymail:

Images show how the train shot through the end of the track and came to rest suspended precariously on the artwork.

The undercarriage of the train was completely ripped up in the process, and the train’s back windows were smashed in. The photos show the train’s display sign, which still reads in Dutch: ‘Sorry, no service.’

‘The metro went off the rails and it landed on a monument called Saved by the Whale’s Tail. So that literally happened,’ Carly Gorter of the Rijnmond regional safety authority told AFP.

‘Because of the whale’s tail the driver actually was saved, it’s incredible.’

The driver was later held for questioning, the safety authority said. The cause of the crash was still being investigated.

Read the entire article here: twentytwowords.com

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