Two Actors Killed In Crash on Set of Netflix’s The Chosen One

Two actors from the Netflix series The Chosen One were killed, and six other cast or crew members were injured, after their vehicle collided near Mulege on the Baja California Sur peninsula.

According to local media, the collision happened on Thursday, and the van overturned after going off the road in a desert location. At the time, the crew was allegedly operating in the adjacent Santa Rosalia region.

Raymundo Garduo Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar died on Friday, according to the Baja California Department of Culture.

The Chosen One is described by Netflix as follows: “A 12-year-old child discovers he is the resurrected Jesus Christ, destined to redeem humanity.” Based on Mark Millar and Peter Gross’s comic book series.”

An independent production firm is filming the series, according to casting calls.

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