Ukrainian Parents Are Writing Contact Details on Their Children in Case They Die

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has been ongoing for more than a month, has forced individuals to make difficult decisions. For example, training their children to travel long distances alone or live in subterranean metro stations.

Sasha Makoviy, an artist residing in Ukraine, made an emotive and heartwarming piece about how, on the first day of the conflict, she scribbled her family’s contact information on the back of her little kid Vera.

Makoviy did so because she hoped that if she died during the war and only Vera survived, someone would be able to reunite Vera with her other surviving family members.

Makoviy posted a photo of Vera’s back that was imprinted with phone numbers, her entire name, and her birth date. She also posted a photo of a hand-written contact card with Vera’s name, her parents’ and relatives’ contact information on it.

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